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"Estonians joke about themselves that favorite "food" of an Estonian is another Estonian".

"Эстонцы шутливо говорят, что любимое "блюдо" эстонца - это другой эстонец".

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

In Estonia, it sometimes snows in April!
It is a good thing that the winter has ended!

I would like to get back to my remark about Lenin (posted on Friday, April 23):
15% of the population of Russia don't know who Lenin was.
Annika, the source for this information is Russian news program Vesti. (The information flow does not begin and end on the Net.)
And Rick, I think that the percentage shown in the research consists mainly of the young generation. As illiterate as the old people might be in the “isolated villages” of the great Russia, they know who Lenin was, because of the impact that his ideas had on their lives. (They might not spell his name correctly but they know, I am sure). The young ones, even if they see the statue of Lenin on a street every day, couldn’t care less: he is not an important historical figure for them anymore. I do think one should know the history of the country he lives in.
Finally, a thought by Lenin: “As long as a State exists, there is no freedom. (But) When the freedom will come, there no longer will be a State.” (Sorry if anyone finds my translation imperfect.)
If anyone is interested, look at "Lenin: Collected works" here.

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