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"Estonians joke about themselves that favorite "food" of an Estonian is another Estonian".

"Эстонцы шутливо говорят, что любимое "блюдо" эстонца - это другой эстонец".

Monday, April 26, 2004

Caron @ 3:19AM | 2004-04-24 wrote:
“I'm glad to know cultural illiteracy is not limited to the people in the U.S.
Caron, I think that every nation has illiterate people it ought to be ashamed of.
I hope you don’t mind, Caron, the story I am going to tell from the time when I was studying in the high school in the USA. By the way, it was a long time ago.
Everyone at that school asked me the same 3 questions: what was my name, where did I come from, and how did I like staying in the USA. Every time I had the same answers (Darya; Estonia; very much!), and it was pretty annoying after a while, until I met one boy, who, I am sure, is not a common example of an American student.
After hearing that I am from Estonia (by the way, no one at that school besides the teachers and some Spanish students knew what and where Estonia or the Baltic region was) he was really excited and said out loud: “Cool! So you are from Stone land! I have heard something about it…” I had no idea what he meant, but life didn’t seem so boring that day.

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